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F24-60 Joystic Controller

Double Joystick with 5 steps



Reliable-High Performance-Economic

F24-60 series is particular suitable for tower cranes. overhead cranes and concrete pumps. This particular model is equipped with most sophisticate safety features for making the entire operation safe.


• Fully programmable relay configuration with maximum 16 relays output per command. (No extra extension unit required)

• Durable nylon-fiber housing for extra shock resistance.

• Operating range up to 100 meters.

• Pre-wiring standard cable making installation quick and easy.

• New waist belt provide maximum confort for operator (optional).

• 3 stages LED battery power indicator

• Acceleration delay time control (Proving smooth moving for multiple speeds cranes).

• Safety feature: 1. 4.3 billion unique ID code; 2. Hamming code; 3. Enhanced watch-dog circuit


• Double joystick/6 single step button (including start button).

• 1 Emergency button (EMS).

• 1 rotary key switch.

• 4 selector switches.


• Max. 40 relay output (programmable).

• NC/NO relay (optional).

• External passive antenna (optional)

General Specification:

Operating Temperature: -35C degree to +80C degree

Operating Range: 100 M

Trasmitter Power Supply: 4 AA size alkaline/rechangeable battery

Receiver Power Supply: AC 48/110/220/380V

Protection Class: IP65 industrial standard

ID Code: 4.3 billion (32 bit)

Hamming Distance: ≥ 4

TX Dimension & Weight: 220 x 110 x 90 mm Apprx. 860 g (w/o batteries)

RX Dimension & Weight: 290 x 230 x 70 mm Approx. 2200 g (w/o cable)



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